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800-5601 AS-1 Automatic Slowdown Circuit - MPM Hobbies

800-5601 AS-1 Automatic Slowdown Circuit

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The CIRCUITRON AS-1 Automatic Slowdown Circuit is a solid state circuit designed to
provide a fixed step of train speed reduction within a section of track. This is very useful for automatic station stops or automatic downhill speed reduction.  The AS-1 offers distinct advantages over a dropping resistor for consistency of speed reduction independent of the load. When a resistor is used to drop voltage, the voltage drop will vary depending on the load. If the resistor is chosen to provide the proper speed reduction with a locomotive drawing 0.5 amps, for example, this same resistor may stop a different locomotive entirely if its current draw is 1.0 amp. The solid state circuitry on the AS-1 greatly reduces this problem, and one adjustment of the on-board output trimmer control will generally suffice for all loads. The AS-1 is bi-directional and simply connects in series with one of the track leads. Heat sinking is sufficient for controlling up to 2 amp loads and the AS-1 may be used with AC or DC track power (Do not use with Command Control). The output of the AS-1 is continuously variable from 0 up to within 3 volts less than the input voltage. The circuit board measures 2” x 3”. Note: The AS-1 does not incorporate any momentum or gradual slowing effects. The speed reduction is a fixed step. Flywheels in most locomotives
will reduce the abruptness of the change.