Catalog Order Info


     Pre-orders are a way to reserve a product before it becomes available on the market. Catalog orders are a way to order merchandise already on the market but not available in our store. It’s a way for a small store like ours to offer a greater selection of merchandise without the available space or costly inventories. While our goal is to eventually work up to larger and larger in-house inventories, right now this is the best solution given our limitations. Now since I have given the overview, let's get straight to what the program is and is not.

1. It is not a dropship program, lay away, try before you buy or anything else but a straight up merchandise ordering system.
2. It is not a third-party purchase program. We do not purchase from anyone other than our suppliers based in the United States. These suppliers are legitimate companies who sell only to legally registered businesses.
3. It is not the quickest way to get your merchandise but may be the cheapest. We save on shipping by combining your order with our regular restock orders. This saves on shipping, so we can pass that savings on to you.

The IS:
1. It is a way for us to grow our selection faster than we would otherwise.
2. It is a way for us to meet all your shopping needs.
3. It is a way for us to grow our in-store inventory. It is used as another tool to help us read the market and see what sells. Naturally, products ordered frequently will become part of our in-store inventory.

     We hope you will take advantage of this program and save money. For more information, please click here and see our policy.

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