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1/24 Revell-Monogram Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Tractor 4485 - MPM Hobbies

1/24 Revell-Monogram Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Tractor 4485

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SKU: RMX4485
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Revell skill level: 4
Recommended age: 12+
Scale: 1:24
Number of parts: 76
Length: 3.98 in
Width: 2.39 in
Height: 3.12 in

Kit Features:
  • Positional front wheels
  • Choice of seats
  • Hinged hood with support
  • Molded in red, black, ivory and clear with chrome-plated parts and soft black tires

At the same time he was developing the “People’s Car," the VW Beetle, Prof. Dr. F. Porsche was designing the “People’s Tractor."  After the war, Germany needed to make efficient use of its limited farmland.  Starting production in 1952, the Porsche Junior tractor was powered by a 14-hp, 822 cc engine.  Over the years, Porsche has partnered with a number of different companies to meet production demands.

In all, Porsche sold over 125,000 Junior Tractors, including sales in the USA.  In the 1950s, the price in the USA was $1,750.00.  The Model 108 was released in October of 1957 and it was offered in a number of versions with different wheelbase lengths.  This tractor design also had a unique coupling between the engine and the transmission.  The production of the Porsche Junior tractor ended in 1963.