1/48 Aircraft Ordnance

Explore our extensive selection of 1/48 scale aircraft ordnance kits at MPM Hobbies. We offer a wide range of realistic and detailed options to enhance your aircraft models and bring authenticity to your builds.

At MPM Hobbies, we curate our collection from renowned manufacturers like Eduard, Tamiya, and Hasegawa to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Our 1/48 aircraft ordnance kits include an array of missiles, bombs, rockets, and gun pods, among other types of weaponry used by various aircraft.

Whether you're a scale modeling enthusiast, an experienced hobbyist, or a history buff, our aircraft ordnance kits provide the perfect opportunity to enhance the realism of your models. Each kit is meticulously designed to replicate the weapons employed by real-world aircraft, offering unparalleled attention to detail.

Browse our selection of 1/48 aircraft ordnance kits and discover the perfect complement to your aircraft models. We also offer a variety of paints, decals, and accessories to complete your builds with authenticity and precision.

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