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N Kato Single Track Viaduct Mounted Catenary Masts (12) 23058 - MPM Hobbies

N Kato Single Track Viaduct Mounted Catenary Masts (12) 23058

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Kato 23058 N Single Track Viaduct Mounted Catenary Masts (12)

Single wire rigid overhead wire pillars (with overhead pedestal stands for bridge pier)

· The basic shape of the ramen pillar is the same as the existing double-wire wide-rigid overhead wire pillar, and the bracket reproduces the actual movable bracket (long / short 6 each).

· Use the attached single-track iron bridge ramen overhead pillar, which is ideal as overhead wire pillar for single wire deck girder.

· By using overhead pillar set (sold separately), it can be used for ground / single track elevation as well as existing single wire overhead pillar.

- Accessory: 12 pairs of pillar blocks of ramen overhead railway for single-track iron bridge, 4 pairs of tension adjusting devices