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N Kato Unitrack N 62mm (2 7/16") Concrete Slab Double Track Feeder 1 pcs 20049

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SKU: KAT20049
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Kato 20049 Unitrack N 62mm (2 7/16") Concrete Slab Double Track Feeder 1 pcs

The next stage in realistic snap track - "Superelevation" is the term used to describe track in which one rail is higher than the other; much like a banked curve on a freeway offramp or a high-speed corner in NASCAR, these banked curves are specially designed to reduce wheel wear and increase both comfort and safety in all manner of trains, fast or slow, passenger and freight. These superelevated curves are a standard installation in modern railroads, and before now they were complicated and finicky to replicate at model railroad scale level, but no longer! Kato UNITRACK makes it simple with modular easement and superelevated curves, available with modern pre-cast concrete ties (which not only modernize the look of your rails but help differentiate the pieces at a glance from non-banked track pieces).

Please note that all of these Concrete Tie Double Track pieces are 100% compatible with our regular double and single-track Unitrack pieces and bridges and can be added into your existing Unitrack layouts!