About Us

We are a veteran owned hobby store that started out on Ebay in 2021. We went from selling our own 3D prints to branching out and adding more and more diverse merchandise from the most popular brand names in the business.

My father started me out building plastic model aircraft while I was still in elementary school. We both loved our hobbies which also included train layouts, flying R/C, dirt R/C, model ships etc. I worked at a hobby shop when I was in college and my employee discount was much used to the aggravation of my wife and mother (bought stuff for Dad too).

Being a former soldier and later a naval aviator, I am partial to anything aviation and military related but truth is I still love it all. Love it so much that my wife and I started this store and while you don't open a hobby store to get rich, I can honestly say it makes up for it in many other ways (grow my stash, see the latest products, talking with customers about their projects etc..etc).

I wasn't born with an artistic bone in my body so building awesome models and train layouts doesn't come easy.  With that being said, I sympathize with those who's final product never quit measures up to their expectations.  I've had to learn and still learning how to be happy with the end result.  I 'am not saying to not strive to keep learning and practicing.  I have to just keep reminding myself that this stuff comes easier to some than others and some just have the wisdom gained from years of experience.  Me, all I said was building awesome stuff doesn't come easy, never said that I don't build awesome stuff.  Lol, you believe that, and I'll sell ya a skyhook and a blue bucket of steam.  

So welcome to our store and if you need anything, my wife and I are just a phone call away.