1. Is MPM Hobbies a scam?
A. We are a registered LLC in the state of Florida U.S.A. We also have stores on Ebay and Amazon plus set ups on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, google and MSN. Majority of my adult life I've been trusted with things way more valuable than a $2.50 jar of paint. Not a scam.
2. Who owns MPM Hobbies?
A. My wife and me. 
3. What do you do with our personal information?
A. MPM Hobbies doesn't sell, give away or handle it any way outside of official business. We are hosted by Shopify and can not attest to what they do with the information so I can only speak for MPM Hobbies. We do not have access to credit card information and the only ones with access to Shopify to see your name, address, email or phone number (if provided) is myself, wife and oldest daughter.
4. How long have you been selling?
A. August of 2021.
5. How many employees do you have?
A. 4 Family and 2 contractors.
6.  Why is MPM Hobbies located on your residential property?
A.  I am disabled and unable to manage a business outside of the house.
7.  How can you run the business from the home?
A.  We live in Florida where home-based businesses are recognized as legitimate business entities.  Our property is big enough to have large sheds placed upon it in addition to house space.  

Contacting MPM Hobbies

1. How do I contact MPM Hobbies?
A. Please use the form on the Contact Us page, write using the address provided or call/text using the phone number provided.
2. I call but why doesn't anyone answer?
A. We screen calls and will not answer if the number is not provided or the call is marked as a scam. Outside of that, my wife works fulltime as a schoolteacher and I can’t hear the thing ring half the time. However, please just leave a message and we will call you back. Email or text is preferred.
3. Why did you list a residential address?
A. We run the business on our property with plans to one day afford something commercial. We are strictly online so please no visitors.


1. Can I order without going through your website?
A. Yes, we have stores on Amazon and Ebay as well.
2. My payment will not go through so what can I do?
A. Contact your card company or bank. MPM Hobbies will not take orders outside of website or stores.
3. Can I combine orders and shipping?
A. Yes, as long as the none of the orders have postage purchased. Due to volume of orders, you must inform us, via email, of your wish to combine orders. 
4. I forgot to include or remove something on my order. What can I do?
A. If the order has shipped, then you must adhere to our refund or exchange policy. If the order has not shipped then either create a new order and ask that we combine (see #3 above) or include, in an email, the item SKU(s) and the quantity you wish to add or subtract from your order.
5. Do you dropship?
A. We do not.
6. Why are your products cheaper on this website than Ebay or Amazon?

A. They hammer you with fees. The website fees are way less.

Discount Codes

1.  Why isn't my discount code working?
A.  Due to amount of fraudulent discount codes being distributed, we only honor the ones generated via this website.  If your code doesn't work it most likely is fraudulent.
2.  How do I get discount codes?
A.  We offer them via our loyalty program, special emailers or by personal distribution.
3.  Why would someone distribute fraudulent discount codes?
A.  Attract web traffic, boredom, malice, obtain your personal information, criminal activity, bad childhood, complete Ahole, etc..  People do it for any reason that suits their fancy.  
4.  Why does MPM Hobbies hand out discount codes?
A.  See answer to #3 above.  LOL, attract web traffic, obtain your personal information so we can market stuff, sell more merchandise etc..  With us though, you get something out of it in return. i.e. a discount. p.s. we do not sell or give out your personal information.

Random Questions

1. Do you sell real weapons and/or explosives?
A. NO, next question.
2. Do you build models?
A. Yes, have been since I was a kid. I know a thing or two but still learning. Seems like there is new stuff daily. Wish more kids would get involved. Haven't had time to build anything lately and that's a bummer.
3. What hobby subjects do you have experience with?
A. Model planes, RC planes, model ships, model armor, slot cars, race tracks, trains HO and N, layouts N, RC armor, RC racing, RC off-road, pine wood derby, etc.. also worked at a hobby shop while in college. Love it all but favorite is model planes.