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1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).
1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).
1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).
1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).
1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).
1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).
1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).
1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4).

1:32 SUU-11/A (Set of 4)

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  1. High-Quality LCD-Based SLA Printed Resin Items at MPM Hobbies

  2. At MPM Hobbies, we offer a diverse range of LCD-based SLA printed resin items that are meticulously crafted using UV-cured resin. These items are shipped unpainted and come with 3D print supports attached to ensure their structural integrity during shipping.
  3. Exceptional Printing Process: To ensure the highest quality, all our items undergo a thorough cleaning process. Each item goes through a 20-minute wash cycle followed by two ten-minute sonic wash cycles. Finally, it undergoes a 2-to-8-minute curing process. This meticulous process guarantees that you receive a clean and well-prepared item ready for your creative touch.
  4. Painting and Finishing Recommendations: Our items can be easily primed with acrylic, lacquer, or enamel type paints. It is recommended to lightly sand and/or prime any horizontal striations that may be present due to the printing process. When removing the supports, it is advisable to start from the tip down and begin with the supports connected to small and fragile details. For attaching the item to your model or filling any imperfections, we recommend using CA (cyanoacrylate) adhesive.
  5. Handle with Care: Please note that some features of our items may be brittle or extremely delicate, requiring careful handling to prevent breakage. We advise that our products are not intended for small children due to the choking hazard and should only be purchased by experienced modelers who can appreciate and handle the fine details and delicate nature of these items.
  6. Accurate Representation and Configuration: Please be aware that the 3D print support configurations may differ from the ones shown in the product photos, if applicable. The product photos may include CAD rendered files used for printing to highlight intricate details that may not be easily visible in regular photos.
  7. Order Quantity and Hollow Parts: The number of items in your order is determined by multiplying the quantity you selected by the number of items per set, if applicable. Additionally, you may notice small holes on the print, which are necessary for draining any leftover resin from the hollow parts of the item. Simply fill these holes with CA adhesive and sand them for a smooth finish.
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    Perhaps the most widely used gun pod developed by the US military, fitted with a single GAU-2 7.62×51mm Minigun.  This weapon was produced in three generations, with separate designations applied by both the US Army and US Air Force.

    The first was the XM18 and SUU-11/A, which featured a standard version of the weapon encased in an aerodynamic pod. This weapon was unmodified and fired at a rate of 6,000 rpm. The fact that the weapon only fed from a drum containing 1,500 rounds of ammunition meant that a slower rate of fire was desired.

    The second set of subvariants, designated XM18E1 (and standardized as the M18) and SUU-11A/A, featured an aircraft-to-pod electric connection, allowing aircraft internal power to be used in providing better starting torque, a de-energized solenoid allowing for better round clearing at low rates of fire, and circuitry that allowed for selectable rates of fire. The options were either 2,000 rpm or 4,000 rpm, both significantly lower than the base rate of fire.

    The last set of subvariants were designated M18A1 (development of the M18E1) and SUU-11B/A. These featured a slightly higher set of selectable rates of fire, either 3,000 rpm or the high 6,000 rpm.

    These pods were used on a wide array of US aircraft, primarily during the Vietnam War, including the A-1 Skyraider, A-37 Dragonfly, AC-47 Spooky, AC-119G Shadow, and the T-28 Trojan. It was also tested on the ACH-47A "Guns A-Go-Go" by the US Army and on the UH-1E Iroquois by the US Marine Corps, and were part of standard armament fits for the AH-1 Cobra with both services.  List of U.S. aircraft gun pods - Wikipedia