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800-5250 DF-1 Grade Crossing Detector with Flasher - MPM Hobbies

800-5250 DF-1 Grade Crossing Detector with Flasher

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The CIRCUITRON DF-1 is a full performance, single direction grade crossing detection circuit and alternating flasher on one circuit board. The DF-1 is remarkably low cost considering the outstanding performance it delivers and is the ideal setup for the modeler who does not require the bidirectional capabilities of the DT-1 or DT-2. The DF-1 utilizes our proven Opto-Electronic Detection and will provide accurate grade crossing.
action for a single locomotive or a 100-car train.  There are absolutely no modifications to rolling stock necessary. The DF-1 is completely independent of the track power and is compatible with AC or DC track power as well as command control systems (DCC). It may be used with any scale and requires a 10 - 18-volt AC or DC power source. The flasher section of the DF-1 has the same specifications as our FL-2 and can power two 250 milliamp loads (approximately 4 grain of wheat lamps or 10 LEDs per side). Other CIRCUITRON Detection circuits such as the DT-1, DT-2 or DT-3 below can be easily connected to provide control of the flasher section when detection on parallel tracks is desired. An Accessory OUT terminal is provided which will provide a GROUND [-] output whenever a train is detected. This terminal may be used to control Bells, Gates, etc. through the use of other circuitry such as the BR-1, BR-2, BR-3, GD-1 and ER-1/ER-2 boards. The DF-1 printed circuit board measures 3” x 3”.