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800-1400 DL-1 Oscillating Ditch Lights.
800-1400 DL-1 Oscillating Ditch Lights.

800-1400 DL-1 Oscillating Ditch Lights

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The DL-1 alternately flashes two 1.7mm diameter, high intensity, lens-end lamps at a slow rate to simulate the pilot mounted safety lamps currently in use on most railroads. (Note: The flash rate of prototype Ditch Lights varies widely depending on the railroad.  The flash rate of the DL-1 is easily changed by replacing the one timing resistor on the circuit board. If room permits, a small adjustable trimmer can be wired in place of
the fixed resistor to allow a wide range of adjustment of the rate. Send an SSAE and
request Application Note AN1400-01 for more details.) With the addition of an optional DPST or DPDT switch (see ACCESSORIES), the DL-1 can be easily bypassed to turn the ditch lights constantly on. The DL-1 circuit board measures 0.6” x 0.4” x 1.1” and requires a 2.4 - 3.0-volt DC input which can be supplied by batteries or the CIRCUITRON TP-2 or TP-3 Track Power Adapters.