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800-5520 SD-2 Semaphore Driver.

800-5520 SD-2 Semaphore Driver

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The SD-2 Semaphore Driver is designed for use with the CIRCUITRON TORTOISE™ and an upper or lower quadrant semaphore style signal. NOTE:  Neither the TORTOISE™, the signal
nor the signal linkage are included.

The SD-2 provides all the logic circuitry necessary to drive the signal to all three positions, and is designed to work with CIRCUITRON BD-1, BD-2 or BD-3 Block Occupancy Detectors. Other detection circuits that provide a logic low (- or ground) output may also be used. A minimum of 2 blocks must have detectors installed to allow 3 position indications. The SD-2 measures 2” x 3” and requires a 10-18 volt DC power source for proper operation.