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Atlantis Models Amoeba Single Cell 3800 - MPM Hobbies

Atlantis Models Amoeba Single Cell 3800

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SKU: ALM3800
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Visit the exciting world of microscopic life in a drop of water - the world of one-celled animals - the Protozoa. Here are three basic science models, finely detailed for study, and fun to assemble. In full dimension they show the size, shape, structure and components, enlarged more than a thousand times life size, of the. Amoeba - Euglena - Paramecium. These basic study models are molded in crystal clear styrene plastic. The full dimensional Amoeba model shows outer shape and contour on one side - internal cross-section view on the back. The finely engraved plaque models show the details and components of the other 2 animals. All three fit onto an attractive, labeled display stand. Biology background booklet with assembly instructions is included.